Green Effort

Build A Better World 10% At A Time


It is the intent of Myosho-ji to be as environmentally responsible as is possible. As Buddhists we practice mindfulness and as part of that practice we try to be mindful of our impact on the environment. The following list of current and planned measures are small in their individual impact yet we hope to be a model in our actions for others.

Current Conservation Efforts

  • Certified Wildlife Habitat by National Wildlife Federation – practicing sustainable gardening providing food, water, shelter and places to raise young.
  • ENERGY STAR Network Congregation – supporting and promoting the Energy Star Challenge and encourage everyone to participate.
  • Low Flush Toilets – use 1.6 gal of water per flush
  • Flourescent lighting throughout the temple
  • Air dry dishes if washed in dishwasher and only wash full loads
  • Air dry laundry when practical or suitable
  • Recycle all paper, plastic, metal (also write to manufacturers to request less packaging) – use cloth towels instead of paper
  • Composting food and yard waste – Kitchen food waste is being composted using the Nature Mill available in Charlotte from Charlotte Energy Solutions
  • Flow reducing shower heads
  • Water tubs in showers to capture some of water used in “priming” to get to comfortable temperature – this water is then taken outside and placed in barrels to use for watering
  • Use environmentally friendly soaps, household products (no anti-bacterial products)
  • Rain barrels for plant watering
  • No plastic shower curtain liners – shower curtains made from all natural products
  • Grow some of the food for temple consumption, vegetables and flowers for altar
    Currently turning the gas on the hot-water heater all the way down until right before showering
  • Weed control by hand weeding or the use of a vinegar solution sprayed on unwanted growth – vinegar is biodegradable, safe for the environment, non toxic, leaves no harmful residue and only makes the soil temporarily highly acidic which inhibits growth

Planned Conservation Efforts

  • Flash Hot Water – natural gas hot water heated on demand
  • Install a grey water capture system in bathroom sinks to use in flushing toilets

If any one would like to contribute ideas or work with us in implementing conservation efforts we welcome the assistance. We welcome ideas and experiences of other groups to implement mindful usage of resources.